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Transition from modules to packages

Transition from modules to packages

For many years, GreenCommerce has been ensuring that your business processes are automated in an efficient and effective manner.

Over the years, we have been working hard on improving GreenCommerce and each year new modules have been developed to meet users' needs. The main benefit was that you could choose whether and which modules you wanted to activate for your organization. Now, GreenCommerce has reached a point where this collection of modules has reached a very large number; a total of 45 modules. As a result, we notice that not all users know the benefits of all modules that can really add value for them. We think this is a waste of these great developments and of the inefficient work that we sometimes encounter.

That is why we have opted for a new approach; where previously all modules were offered separately, from now on they will be offered in module packages. Many modules work perfectly in line with each other and have been developed to reinforce each other in this way. With the introduction of module packages, we are raising the efficiency and effectiveness of GreenCommerce to an even higher level than before.

With GreenCommerce we want to thrive on change and improvement. With the module packages we want to help you to get even more out of your GreenCommerce with the aim of making you work more efficiently.

Which packages can I choose from?
Because GreenCommerce offers a flexible solution for different types of target groups within the fresh produce sector, the module packages are also compiled with this thought in mind. Below you can find a table of all available packages (in Dutch):

Not entirely sure which packages are relevant to you? Then please check this page where you can see in two simple steps which packages may be of interest to your organization.

Questions or more information?
Ask your question to Remco via or call to +31 (0)174 64 26 22.

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