GreenCommerce for trade organisations

Trade organisations are commercially focused and look for margins in both the daily and contract-based trade. They are continuously aiming for the best results, which must be clear and simple to explain.

GreenCommerce fits perfectly to both daytrading and contract-based trading for players in the fruit and vegetable sector. The system offers, aside from extensive purchase and sales functionalities, the option to work with daily prices, pricelists, programs and contracts to further professionalize the sales process.

From 5 up to a 100+ users
Multi-company: Allows for several companies in the same system
Available in multiple languages 

The key benefits

Purchase and sales

The purchase and sales processes are part of the core of GreenCommerce. Upon entering orders one can very easily use daily prices, pricelists or client-specific agreements.

Aside from that, the sales process is sped up by several options to directly sell stock and plan the orders.


Batch results

For each batch that is purchased or produced  GreenCommerce shows the life cycle of the batch and the achieved results.

To trade organisations the costs, revenues, results and obtained margins are key. This allows for comparisons to be made between different products, article groups, markets or groups of customers.


There are several possibilities to document agreements with clients and, by doing so, simplify the commercial process.

Using programs for specific actions or discounts, default templates or agreed-upon contracts is very easy and ensures that order entry is done most efficiently.


Also useful as 
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AGF Direct

Two years ago we compared several packages and I chose for GreenCommerce. This has been the best decision I have ever made. Since the start we have been more than satisfied with the trade organisation software. GreenCommerce is transparent and very user friendly.

Dennis van Tricht
Gomez Fresh

Because everything is registered in the system it gives us a clear overview and allows us to adapt if necessary.

Patrick Kunst
Oostland Company

For us GreenCommerce is the connection between the warehouse and sales. With GreenCommerce information we can directly match production to sales orders.

Joanne van der Weg

GreenCommerce is a user-friendly sales system, precisely tailored to the customer. Traceability is very important and in GreenCommerce this part is prossesed well.

Eric Toussaint
Quality Queen

GreenCommerce offers us one central and standardized way of working which has increased the information supply of our company and has limited other ways of communication such as e-mail and phone calls. All required information to lead a company in the fruit and vegetable sector on an operational level is available in GreenCommerce.

Rik Leerdam