GreenCommerce for packers

As specialists in the production process it’s important to maintain a grip on the actual stock, production planning and the required resources. Insight in the obtained results per order is one of the most important elements. 

The variety of options to create and handle production orders provide packers with flexibility in their process. At the same time the system provides a clear overview of the planning and the required resources (both products and labour), but also the impact on the packaging stock. Repacking for third parties, better known as handling, is also supported in GreenCommerce by assigning an owner to specific product stock. This is very convenient when streamlining the process, which could possibly be made even more efficient by using scanners in combination with the WMS system.

From 5 up to a 100+ users
Multi-company: Allows for several companies in the same system
Available in multiple languages 

The key benefits

Production planning

The production processes are heavily integrated into GreenCommerce. Aside from a clear overview on the actual status of production, it’s also possible to book resources such as labour, products or containers in advance.

The progress of the production process is always up-to-date which also ensures that the inventory is continuously updated.


Even when the product which is being repackaged is owned by someone else, it’s still important to streamline this process.

The owner per batch is registered which allows the system to guide to keep stocks separated. Additionally, invoices can be sent to the respective owners for the provided services and it’s also possible to view the operating profits for each batch.


For companies that have their own production department the WMS solution is a valuable addition to the warehouse.

By using scanners to register the flow of goods on pallet-level, tasks and orders are more efficiently dealt with and allows for accurate logging at the exact moment a physical action is carried out.



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Martijn van Andel

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Daily Fresh Radish BV

We used to do everything manually and were running around with post-its all day. This is no longer necessary thanks to GreenCommerce. For us placing an order is now very convenient and this same order is easily assigned to the required screens and machines. The software allows us to easily print consignment notes for the driver(s). On top of that the billing process is also faster. In conclusion we can say that working with GreenCommerce is very transparent and reassuring.

Dennis Grootscholten
Europe Retail Packing

Greencommerce is relatively simple to use. It is an advantage that it is very easy to adapt within our organization. As a result, we are very flexible towards our customers. In terms of management information, we have a quick insight of what the costs will be, so we can work very cost-efficiently and give the best price to the customer. And if we have to change some processes, we can adapt quickly.

Menno Reijgersberg
Rainbow Kleinpak

To us JEM-id is a motivated partner who gives Rainbow Kleinpak the flexibility to quickly adapt to changes in the market and to seize opportunities. The GreenCommerce package allows us, as a full-service packers and logistics service provider, to completely unburden our clients in real-time.

Sander van Merkerk