GreenCommerce for logistics service providers

Logistics service providers specialize in organizing transport and production. They take care of the physical handling, sometimes for their own sales, but more often at the request of others players in the chain. 

Complete control over the production process and the in- and outgoing goods is of vital importance for a logistics service provider. With GreenCommerce it is possible to define the logistic operations for both products and packagings in a structured and controlled manner. It’s extremely valuable for these companies to keep a real-time overview of its physical stock at different locations.

From 5 up to a 100+ users
Multi-company: Allows for several companies in the same package
Available in multiple languages

The key benefits

Production planning

The production processes are heavily integrated into GreenCommerce. Aside from a clear overview on the actual status of production, it’s also possible to book resources such as labour, products or packagings in advance.

The progress of the production process is always up-to-date which ensures that the inventory is continuously updated.

Transport planning

In order to efficiently organise the transport as a logistics service provider, it’s important to have a clear schedule and the ability to quickly adjust if necessary.

Transportation planning allows you to communicate digitally with transporters, whilst the tranship planning can be used to manage internal logistics.                                      



Scanners allow you to easily take care of the internal logistics. The order picking process will be managed digitally and gives the users in the warehouse all the required information they need to finish the orders for transport.

The system will also register, for each pallet, to which destination it’s being shipped, which makes an ideal case for track-and trace.


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