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Every step in GreenCommerce is checked for correct information at Angus Soft Fruits

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Angus Soft Fruits works with fresh produce software GreenCommerce

Ridderkerk, April 7, 2020
Angus Soft Fruits has been working with GreenCommerce since 2017 to efficiently register all processes, from purchase to invoice. Angus Soft Fruits is a company that has its origins in Scotland. After setting up (large) successful branches in the United Kingdom, they now also serve the rest of Europe. They do this from their location in Ridderkerk.

In 2015 Edward van den Eijnden opened a sales office in the Netherlands to expand sales to Europe. “Today, our products are located in 23 different countries, including European countries, but also in the Far East, for example.” says Amy de Rijcke, sales assistant at Angus Soft Fruits.

Efficient data entry
All purchasing and sales, production, transport and invoicing is registered in GreenCommerce. Previously, Angus Soft Fruits only worked with Excel or paper to record information: “Because we have grown rapidly in a short time, it became essential to register and automate. That is why we started using GreenCommerce two years after its foundation in 2017. ” Angus Soft Fruits uses the possibility to easily read Excel sheets in GreenCommerce. This is mainly used for the purchasing of containers, so that they immediately have the correct pallet numbers available from third parties and can process them in the system. Furthermore, the connection of GreenCommerce with Exact Online ensures clear administration and invoicing. Amy de Rijcke says that an improvement on efficiency has been made in the field of data entry: "GreenCommerce ensures that we can work almost flawlessly, because every step in the process is checked for correct information."

Angus Soft Fruits works with fresh produce software GreenCommerce

Better insight into the packaging process
Recently, Angus Soft Fruits became the owner of their own warehouse. Some of the products that arrive and are sold, are packaged at their own location. A production line has been set up for this, and as a result they have started using the GreenCommerce production module. This makes it easy to arrange production and transport and provides better insight into the packaging process. In the future, they indicate that they want to do more with the production planning functionality in GreenCommerce. They also see a lot of potential in comparing and analyzing data using the Datawarehouse package, whereby data from GreenCommerce is collected and processed into clear reports through Microsoft's Power BI.

Angus Soft Fruits works with fresh produce software GreenCommerce


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Angus Soft Fruits works with fresh produce software GreenCommerce


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